Descendants of James Ensign


963. Charles Ensign

Charles taught the first school in Butler County, Iowa in Jan 1857.
Also, the first religious service in his home.

2084. Emily A Ensign

Resided in New Hartford, Iowa.

2085. Laura S Ensign

Resided in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
A school teacher at Iowa State Normal, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Graduated Iowa State University, 22 June 1876
Delivered Master's Oration and with degree, 19 June 1879.

964. Elias Ensign

Elias was a dentist in Niles, Michigan and Algona, Iowa.

965. Amos Merchant Ensign

Amos was a farmer until 1891 when he left his family and went to California.

976. George Ensign

Of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

977. Thomas Seymour Ensign

Thomas went to California in 1849, took 1 1/2 years to make the trip.
From there enlisted in the Civil War, after which he settled in Galesburg, Ill.

2126. ? Andrews

Died in infancy.

2127. ? Andrews

Died in infancy.