Descendants of James Ensign


963. Charles Ensign

Charles taught the first school in Butler County, Iowa in Jan 1857.
Also, the first religious service in his home.

2084. Emily A Ensign

Resided in New Hartford, Iowa.

2085. Laura S Ensign

Resided in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
A school teacher at Iowa State Normal, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Graduated Iowa State University, 22 June 1876
Delivered Master's Oration and with degree, 19 June 1879.

964. Elias Ensign

Elias was a dentist in Niles, Michigan and Algona, Iowa.

965. Amos Merchant Ensign

Amos was a farmer until 1891 when he left his family and went to California.

976. George Ensign

Of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

977. Thomas Seymour Ensign

Thomas went to California in 1849, took 1 1/2 years to make the trip.
From there enlisted in the Civil War, after which he settled in Galesburg, Ill.

Boyle Family History from a 1940 family reunion that was written and compiled by two of Thomas & Mary Jane's nieces and one nephew:
“Thomas Seymour Ensign was born November 19th, 1830 at Syracuse, New York. When he was 18 years old, he went with his mother, brothers, and sisters and they moved to a farm where Galesburg now stands. In 1849 he started out with his partner, Ike Newman, for San Francisco. They went by oxen, getting snowed under in Utah and lived on beans and snow water for weeks before they were rescued. There is a mountain peak in Utah named after him, called Ensign Peak. It took them 18 months to make the trip.
Instead of going on to San Francisco he settled near Marysville, California and mined for gold. After being up in the mountains for some time, they had to come down to Marysville for supplies and when they arrived there, they found that there was a war between the North and the South. They walked from Marysville to San Francisco to enlist in the war on the Northern side. They took a boat from San Francisco around Cape Horn up to New York. When they arrived, the war was over so they came back to Galesburg and then to Ford County. Here he met Mary Jane Boyle. They were married in Loda, Illinois, February 22nd, 1870. Thomas Seymour Ensign and his wife then farmed all the land around where Roberts, Illinois now stands. They raised broom corn. In a few years time, the Illinois Central Railroad was built through this farm and Jane Ensign boarded the railroad hands that built the railroad. From the time she settled at Roberts until her death, she was a very active figure in the life of the little community. She was a great neighbor and never failed to lend her help to her neighbors in the hour of need or death. She was also a splendid mother and never failed to look after and assist the members of her own family up to the last days of her life."
United States Census, 1860 for Thomas Ensign Name: Thomas Ensign Residence: , Plumas, California Ward: Mineral Township Age: 30 years Estimated Birth Year: 1830 Birthplace: N Y Gender: Male Page: 8 Family Number: 147 Film Number: 803062 DGS Number: 4211321 Image Number: 00348 NARA Number: M653
The following information is from page itself: Mineral Township, County of Plumas, State of California, Post Office: Meadow Valley
Line 13, Thomas Ensign 30 yrs old, male, miner, born New York
United States, Civil War Soldiers Index for Thomas S. Ensign Name: Thomas S. Ensign Event: Military Service Rank In: Private Rank Out: Private Side: Union State (or Origin): California Military Unit: 2nd Regiment, California Cavalry Company: F NARA Publication Title: Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of California. NARA Publication Number: M533 NARA Roll Number: 2 Film Number: 881610

2126. ? Andrews

Died in infancy.

2127. ? Andrews

Died in infancy.